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I had heard, from others, that Mireille Ryan was an awesome speaker and had a lot of specific information on building your business successfully. Now I had heard this before about other speakers that did equate to much except the big sell. I was pleasantly surprised when I met her in person, she was vivacious and approachable. The information she shared with us on her own business, what worked and didn't work was practical and step by step clearly set out, which I have used already successfully.

She has an open inviting manner which made approach her when I was stuck for a name for a new product I wanted to launch. Mireille was excited to assist me and with some short back and forward emails and phone calls we had worked it out in a couple of days. Thank you Mireille for you enthusiasm, time and vivacious energy. 

Gillian Maddigan, Gold Coast

Mireille has made a noticeable difference to my business, Tech Coach HQ. I love her structured Skype calls with actionable goals and follow up from each session. 

I have learnt about positive mindset with Mireille and setting targets for 90 days. It has been great to follow up in between sessions and be kept accountable.
My results with Mireille include being able to launch a new website, create videos for my website and my Evernote course and achieve all the things I set out to do last year. Her positivity and encouragement helps you to strive for your best and look for more ways to achieve with your business.  I have learnt about positive mindset with Mireille and setting targets for 90 days. It has been great to follow up in between sessions and be kept accountable.

If you would like someone, who is going to keep you accountable, encourage and give that support then I can highly recommend Mireille as a business coach or for any of her programs - a definite investment. 

Megan Iemma, Melbourne

I first met Mireille when I attended her ‘Ignite Your Business’ with Social Media workshop in June 2013. It was a day I will never forget, because it was a day that changed the course of my career and my life. 

Mireille’s passion for her work and her life is infectious! Her business acumen and experience is invaluable, and I signed up for coaching with her so that I could continue the learning journey she had ignited within me for developing my own business, UBalancer Coaching. Almost a year later, I still look forward to our coaching sessions with excitement.

I cannot speak highly enough of Mireille’s generosity, both in giving of her time and in her willingness to share her experience and open up possibility. My business has thrived in recent months, and I attribute much of my success to her passionate coaching style and genuine interest in my situation.

Through Mireille’s coaching, I have learnt many Social Media tricks and ideas about lead generation. She has introduced me to new people and new concepts and stretched my thinking in terms of how I can grow my business. She literally has set my business on fire!

Mireille is an entrepreneurial award winning business owner in her own right. What has made my coaching experience with her so special has been her unwavering faith in me and my ability to build a business of my own. I am very grateful to her. Thank you, Mireille.


Alison Lalieu



UBalancer Coaching Pty Ltd

Alison Lalieu - Director, Ubalancer Coaching P/L, Brisbane

You know how as a business owner you are always frustrated with trying to find more time in your day to produce better results, create action and delegate more? Oh plus.... be a great partner, mother, lover, caregiver, eat well, exercise and just breathe??
Well...having Mireille Ryan in your life fixes all that! Yes Mireille is my go to pro that can help me in all areas to get my priorities right! I wanted coaching on how to make a difference, add value, be an all round better person and focused entrepreneur.
Mireille coaches me in a way that I actually intuitively know the answers but she helps me to get clarity and find the right path for me personally & professionally! Can't thank her enough and I'm enjoying the journey! 



Chernae Silk - CEO, The Brow Bar Australia, Brisbane

Mireille has been an invaluable part of our recent business development. We began a mentoring relationship with Mireille this year which has helped us to formalise and timeline our business goals.
Not only is she wonderfully supportive, she is a wealth of knowledge with regards to a wide variety of business and technical supports. 
We would recommend Mireille to anyone looking to move their business to the next level.


Jo Larcom and Robyn Sims - Magnetic Moves, Brisbane

It has been an absolute pleasure and wonderful experience working with Mireille to assist in building The Autism Tool Kit. The professionalism, and knowledge of the industry, marketing and social media marketing has been a worthwhile investment and her support has been exceptional. Her ability to gauge and research the market and how to build a social media following with engagement and the potential for boosting awareness of ones business or project in the social media arena is amazing.

I highly recommend her for any project - to build any business requires investment and dedication and knowledge of the industry - the financial investment for marketing even if you area a small business or newly starting out to a larger entity is well worth it. Through the support and consistent posting and feedback we have learnt so much and will engage her in the future for other projects and works. We would not have the following in such a short time frame without her assistance. Thank you so very much for supporting such a wonderful cause - helping families with autism one post at a time. 

Dr Samarra Toby

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