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Why it Pays to be an Expert Blog

Why it Pays to be an Expert




If you are determined to run a successful business, it is vital that you set yourself apart from the crowd.Why it pays to be an expert

One of the biggest mistakes I see in business, are business owners trying to be everything to everybody.  For example, in the fitness industry, I see Personal trainers driving around in their cars and on the back windscreen it says they do 1-on-1 training, bootcamps, small groups, nutrition counselling,  – they are trying to be everything to everyone.  They are a generalist in lots of areas and a specialist in none.

They become just another Personal Trainer.

How do you set yourself apart from the crowd? 

You need to ask yourself this question – If your ideal customer came in to a room full of professionals who do exactly the same thing as you, how would you set yourself apart from the crowd?

The answer????  You need to become a specialist or expert – you need to focus on providing products and services to a specific audience and be perceived as the expert for that group.

Here are some steps to help position yourself as an expert: 

1. Identify the audience you will be speaking to.

  • Who are the people I can relate to the most?
  • Who can I help the most?
  • Can my target audience afford to purchase my products and services?
  • What causes my specific audience pain and how can I help them?

2. Make sure you know your topic area. 

By positioning yourself as the expert, you need to make sure you are knowledgable in your chosen area.  You needd to be seen as the go-to person in your chosen niche.  Make sure you keep abreast with the latest information relating to your niche and your audience.

3. Develop a suite of products or services that provide the solution to what causes your audience pain.

When thinking about what products and services you want to provide to your audience, you need to ask yourself what causes your audience the most pain.  What keeps your ideal customer awake at night.   Use this knowledge to develop a suite of products which you can then use to form the basis of your business.  Once you have developed your products,  blog, speak and use social media to reach your intended audience.  By showing that you provide products for your audience, you will be seen to be the expert
By determining who your ideal client is becomes the foundation of your marketing.  You can determine what your unique selling propostion is. And why your business will help solve your ideal clients problems.

4.  By being an expert allows you to charge a premium price for your services. 

When you are perceived as an expert, your customers will gladly pay more to access your advice. They will be happier to pay for premium products.

Positioning myself as an expert is truly one of the keys that helped my businesses to become successful.

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