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The importance of creating boundaries Blog

The importance of creating boundaries
One of the things I hear people talk about is the importance of work life balance.  As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I have a massive to do list.  It seems never ending!  And no matter how many hours I put into my business, I never see the end of it.  With so much to do, I found that my to do list was overtaking time I was spending with my family.  

Now the reason I started my businesses in the first place, was to create a better lifestyle for my family but soon I found that it was instead taking over any free time I had.  I know I had to make a change.  This is when I decided to create some boundaries. Having clearly defined boundaries helps you to make sure you are looking after all areas of your life and keep you in balance.  

Here are some strategies I use to help me take care of my family as well as my business: 


  • Have a defined cut off time when you finish work - if you run your business from home, it is easy to just keep working.  My office is only a few steps away from my kids but I found that I was always in there working.  So I decided to make a change!  I decided that my cut off time for work is when my kids come home.  I need to be present for them. I also need to be present for my husband.   Most of my joy in life is because of my family so I need to make sure I am putting them first.  
  • Control your email  - You can literally drown in email.  I know if I am in meetings all day, I can come home to dozens of emails.  I find that it is best to not look at email until around lunchtime and instead focus on getting my major tasks done first.  By using this strategy, I am a lot more productive.  It is also important to not enable notifications on your phone or computer for an when email come in as it distracts from what you are focussing on - whether that is family or work.  Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails to unclog your inbox.  Once you have switched off from work,  don't open your emails until the next day.  If it is urgent, people will call you.  You can also set up an out of office email to let people know you are unavailable.  
  • Switch off your devices - I must admit I am a recovering mobile phone addict.  I realised it had become a problem when my kids were talking to me and I was reading messages on my phone.  I decided I had to make a change! After 5pm, I switch off my mobile phone.  On Sundays, my family has what we have called device free Sunday and we all collect all the iPhones, iPads and turn off the computers and our family spends the day together - totally engaged with each.  We all struggled with it at first but now we enjoy going for walks on the beach, cooking, reading, playing board games or just talking.  

If you have some strategies you have used to create boundaries, I would love to hear from you.  Please add your comment below.  

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