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How to write an effective thank you note Blog

How to write an effective thank you note

The secret to writing a great thank you card is easy.  Here are some tips to ensure your thank you cards are memorable:

1. Send your thank you note in the mail - With modern technology, it is so easy to send your thank you note by email or text message. It definitely will not have the same impact that a mailed hand-written note will have.  It is so easy for your thank you message to get caught up with the spam emails and for your recipients either miss it or delete it.  The hand written notes will not be missed.  It shows that you took time out to buy the stationary, write the message, and put it in the post.  It really sends a message of appreciation to your recipient.  

2.  Buy good quality stationary - Make sure the thank you card or note is on good quality stationary.  You want to make the recipient feel special and good quality stationary conveys that message.  This photo is of the thank you cards we use.  Even better,  invest in branded stationary.  

3.  Always write it by hand - With so many automated messages, taking the time to write your message by hand conveys that personal touch.  It shows you have spent time thinking about that person and that you do really care.  Imagine what you would say if that person was standing in front of you.  

4.  Add a small gift - There is nothing so memorable than receiving a gift inside your thank you card.  It doesn't have to be expensive - a $10 gift card for Starbucks or an iTunes card will be gratefully received.  With most people not even being acknowledged by businesses they deal with, imagine how special they will feel receiving your thank you note and gift card.  It really will make your business stand out from the crowd.  Allocate some of your marketing budget to cover this expense  - I guarantee it you will see a fantastic ROI.   

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