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How Simon the Security Guard Saved the Day Blog

How Simon the Security Guard Saved the Day

On Friday, I went to speak to the Masters students about social media at the The University of Queensland.

Unfortunately after striking a problem with parking, I found myself on the other side of the Uni to where I needed to be and running late.

As I hit the Grand Courtyard, I saw some security guards and asked them for directions. Simon, the security guard, was happy to help.

Not only did Simon offer to walk me to the lecture theatre, but when he saw I was out off breath from running around the uni in stilettos, he bought me a bottle of water.

Also seeing I had very sore feet (not used to cross training in high heels), when we arrived at the lecture theatre, he gave me the security phone number and said if I called, they would send a car to drive me back to my car parking spot.

I was so grateful and impressed with the help Simon gave me.

Even though it was probably only a 10 minutes out of his day, Simon made a lasting impression on me and demonstrated the power of going the extra mile in your job.


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