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Get rid of the excuses so you can fly Blog

Get rid of the excuses so you can fly
It amazes me how many obstacles I put in the way of my own success.  You know, things like procrastination, self sabotage, thinking no one wants to hear from me.  Does that sound familiar?  

It is so easy to blame other things for our lack of success in our business or our career.  It can be a lack of funds, lack of a team, a lack of time.  I remember thinking that if only I had more money,  I could build an awesome business.  If only I had a team, who could help me get more things done.  Or, I wish I had more time because if I did, nothing could stop me!  I know in the past, I have used all these excuses.  It wasn't until I was really honest with myself,  I realised these were just excuses.  I was playing small because of a lack of belief in myself.   So I started to look inside and started working on myself.

Excuses just didn't cut it anymore!  

I stopped tripping myself over and got out of my own way! 
Instead I just did it.  If money was holding me back, I got creative and worked around it.  When I needed a team, I thought out of the box and built an awesome team of like minded people.  When it came to time, I treated my time like a precious commodity and didn't waste it away.  I maximised it!  

And guess what I discovered,  my business started to fly!  I was the reason all along.  

To me, this discovery was truly life changing!  This meant that things that I thought were limiting, were not really there.  I can play as big or as small as I want to play.  It is up to me.  

You can be exactly who you want to be.  There are countless examples all around us of people who didn't let excuses stop them and they have created a business and life that they love.  Every day, remember that you are amazing and the only thing that can stop you  - is you!  

If you need anymore motivation, watch this video.  Chris has many reasons he could let life limit him but he chooses not to let them stop him.  He finds a way to achieve all he wants to achieve.
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