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Attracting Clients With Killer Testimonials Blog

Attracting Clients With Killer Testimonials

With so many businesses out there, how do you get your business noticed and encourage people to contact with you?  

Killer Testimonials!!!!

Testimonials provide you and your business with credibility and proof of the results you achieve.  Testimonials are like a reference for you.  

How to Get Awesome Testimonials

You need to have testimonial gathering as part of your business systems.  If you do, very quickly you will find you have lots to choose from.  

Here are some ways to get awesome testimonials

  • Let clients know when they first start working with you that you will be asking them for a testimonial in the coming weeks 
  • When you visit with a client, you can record their video testimonial on your smart phone.  
  • Have an email auto-responder set up that sends a survey of questions that you can turn into a testimonial
  • Have a template of questions that you ask your client such as  - Why did you give [insert your business name] a call? What was life like before you used [insert your business name]?  What results did [insert your business name] achieve for them?  Why would you recommend [insert your business name]? 
  • Make sure you get permission to use your client's testimonial too as it is their reputation they are putting on the line for you. 


Great Places to Showcase Your Testimonials

  • Your Website - one of the first places people go to find out more about you is your website.  Make sure you have testimonials on your home page, next to your products, or on a dedicated page on your website. 
  • Facebook - Facebook is the perfect place for you to share your testimonials.   Use your You Tube video testimonials and link to them from your Facebook page. As Facebook is such a visual medium,   if you can, ask your client for a photo and share their photo with the testimonial. 
  • Twitter   - As you only have 140 character, make sure you have some short testimonials that you can share 
  • You Tube - Share your video testimonials on You Tube.  Video is a very powerful to reach potential clients
  • Linked In - Share your testimonials on your Linked In company page
  • Printed Material - Testimonials are powerful in your brochures, your flyers and any other advertising materials
  • In the signature footer - You can put a short testimonial in your footer signature on your emails
  • Blog post or article - You can create a whole blog post or article around a testimonial. 

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