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5 Tips for Getting Stuff Done Blog

5 Tips for Getting Stuff Done

Do you find that you can get to the end of the day and feel like you have got nothing done??? 

I know, me too.  There were days where I felt I was really working hard but when I analysed what I actually accomplished it wasn't really that much.  

As my time is precious and limited, as I am sure yours is too, I decided that I had to make sure that each day, I squeezed as much time as I could out of the day.  

Here are the 5 tips I used to make sure I get stuff done: 

1. Plan My Day - Yes, I know that sounds really simple, but when I talk to my coaching clients, I find quite a few of them are not working to a plan.  In order to know what is a priority for you to be working on each day, you need to know what your goals are.  I am always working on multiple projects so it is really important that I know when each project is due and then work out the order at which I will tackle these tasks.  By creating lists that I work through, I find I achieve my goals in the timeframes I need. 

2. Eat that Elephant - How do you eat an elephant?  Bit by bit.  The same goes for your large projects.  As I mentioned in tip 1, the best way to tackle a project is to break it down into parts.  Important things to know are when your project needs to be completed by, what parts it can be broken down in to and also what times you can dedicate time to your project.  For example, when I am putting together an information product, I look at what is required to go into it.  As most of my products have several parts, I look at when it is due and diary when I will dedicate time to working on each part.  That way I can work on one part at a time and complete them before moving to the next part.  It is also a good way to mentally get stuck into a big project - I am not overwhelmed by the sheer size of what I am trying to achieve, I just focus on one bit at a time. 

3. Do First What You Like Least - One thing I found when I was analysing what I did in my day, was that if I didn't want to do a particular task, I would procrastinate.  For example, I don't enjoy following up overdue accounts.  When I know I had to do this, I found I tried to hide out in Facebook, keeping busy posting status updates or doing research.  Or I would get so busy, I would tell myself that I would get to that task tomorrow only to find the same thing happening again.  Yes, I was busy but I was not achieving the task that had to be done - a very important one. So what I decided to do was do that task first and get it done whilst I was fresh and then do the things I enjoyed more for the rest of the day.  It works really well! 

4. What is Urgent and what is Important - When you only have limited hours in the day, it is important to prioritise your activities. Some tasks require urgent attention whilst other things are important but can be diaried in for a little later in the week.  For example, if a new client needs you to prepare something for them so they can start working with you, that might be urgent.  Where as paying some bills are important but could be done at a time that is a little quieter.  

5.  Delegate or Outsource - A trap we get into as small business owners is thinking that we have to do everything.  We wistfully think of the future where we can have people working for us.  Well, you don't have to wait.  There are many ways you can delegate or outsource.  One of the simplest ways I outsource is to have someone clean my home.  I know, you were thinking about business tasks but for me as a mum, the housework is always there.  I outsourced my house cleaning which has 2 benefits.  Firstly I am helping provide employment for someone else.  Second, I know that during the time I am paying for someone to clean my house, I make sure I hustle to earn a lot more money than I am paying for the cleaning.  

We all have the same hours in the day.  You will be a success when you have learnt the art of managing your time and getting stuff done!

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