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5 Tips for Building a Mighty Brand Blog

5 Tips for Building a Mighty Brand

There has never been a time in history where you have so many opportunities and resources to build a powerful brand. At the same time, there is so much noise that your message can get lost in the crowd.  How do you create a brand that can be heard above the noise and also be seen as an leader in your field.  These 5 tips will help you to create a powerful brand.  

1. What is your Unique Value Proposition?   

Whilst tools like the internet have provided unlimited opportunity to create a global brand, it has also allowed global competitors to enter your local market.  That is why it is important that you are able to articulate your unique value proposition.  What is it that would make someone work with you instead of someone else?  

  • Write down what your strengths are - What would you consider yourself to be an expert in?  What information do people seek you out for?  
  • What are your passions?  What do you love doing?  
  • Ask friends, colleagues and clients what they feel your strengths and passions are? 
  • Are you positioning yourself as an expert?  Remember, a way to create value is to be the perceived expert in your field that provides great, easy to implement strategies  

2.  What is your Authentic Voice?  
One of the biggest mistakes I see,  is people trying to be someone else.  That "same same" attitude will not help your brand stand out but have you blend into the background.  We need to remember that each of us has had different life experiences that gives us an individual flavour and perspective on things.  

  • Be yourself - people can tell when you not being authentic. Yes, you might not appeal to everyone but that is ok.  If you are coming from a place in your heart, the right people will resonate with your message. 

3. Identify Your Tribe

When I coach and mentor business owners, one of the first things I ask them to do is to identify their ideal client.  It amazes me how many either don't know who their ideal client is or that they think everyone is their ideal client.  The bottom line is you can't market to everyone, or the message will get lost in the noise.  

  • Identify your Ideal Client.  Imagine a police officer knocked on your door and asked you to give a detailed description of who your ideal client is.  What is their gender?  What is the age?  Where do they live?  What education level do they have?  Do they have kids?  What income do they earn?  If you have multiple client types, create a profile for each of them. 
  • What problems does your ideal client have?  What keeps them awake at night with worry?  
  • How can you solve their problems? What products and services can you provide to help take your clients from a place of pain to a place of solution? How are you going to deliver these products and services? Are you going to provide tools, coaching, online programs, workshops etc.  

4.  Be Everywhere 

Once you have identified your ideal client and have the solutions to their problems, how are they going to find out about you?  Where do your potential clients hang out?  What social media platforms do they use?  What type of content do they prefer to consume - is it visual, video, audio, or written.  

I have heard Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income talk about his "Be Everywhere" strategy.  By identifying where your audience like to spend time, you can then be everywhere those audience members are. 

  • What social media platforms are your ideal audience on?  Do they love visual content that works well on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram?  Do they love video so does You Tube make sense to them? Do they like short quick bits of information that is suited to Twitter?
  • Does your audience listen to podcasts?  If so, it makes sense to either create your own podcast or be a guest on other people's podcasts where your audience hangs out. 
  • Where can you speak to your ideal audience?  Can you put on events that will attract your ideal audience?  Can you speak at other people's events?  Speaking is one of the quickest ways to fast track the relationship building process with your potential clients and customers. 
  • Do you have a website that communicates the right messages to your ideal audience? When someone comes to your website, do they know what you do and how you can help them?  What lead magnets are you using to capture their email details throughout your website? How often are you going to communicate to them through email?  What content are you going to provide to them through email?  

5.  Consistently Review Your Brand

Now that you are out there communicating with your ideal audience about how you can solve their problems, you need to make sure you are constantly reviewing, testing and improving your brand.  

  • What are people saying about your brand - good and bad?  
  • Google your name and your brand regularly to see what comes up.  
  • Survey your customers and clients and ask for there feedback regularly 
  • Review your social media each week to make sure your posts are getting the reach and interaction you are seeking
  • Know your statistics each week for leads and conversions so you can make sure you are making the right impact out there with your brand.  

Thanks so again for support and if you enjoyed reading this article, please help me out by sharing it.    

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