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2019 Social Media Marketing Awards Blog

The winners of the 2019 Social Media Marketing Awards were named at the Awards Gala dinner held at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

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How Simon the Security Guard Saved the Day Blog

I went to speak to the Masters students at the University of Queensland and ran into a little trouble. But Simon, the security guard saved the day.

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What I Wish I Knew When I was 16 Blog

I was thinking about the lessons I have learnt over a lifetime & that if I could go back to my 16 year old self, what I would tell myself.

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Is 2019 the year of the Social CEO? Blog

Is this the year of the Social CEO? In this article I explore why CEOs need to step out from behind the desk and become socially savvy to lead their business.

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How Can You Position Yourself As An Influencer On LinkedIn To Help You achieve Your Business Goals? Blog

Positioning yourself as an influencer on social media is a powerful strategy to rise above the noise but how do you do it authentically?

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Twitter Chat with ManageFlitter Blog

Mireille has a Twitter Chat with Madalyn Sklar and ManageFlitter about How to Build Your Tribe on Social Media

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Social Storytelling - Why You Need to Use It Blog

The game has changed. No longer can we push out broadcast sales messages. Over 90% of our audience does not want to hear our marketing. With so much time pressure and with so much content that can be consumed, people are becoming selective with what they are engaging with. They have taken control of how they consume their content. Instead we need to capture their attention by providing content...

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How to write an effective thank you note Blog

The secret to writing a great thank you card is easy. Here are some tips to ensure your thank you cards are memorable:

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