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What I have learnt as an entrepreneur

Ioana from Success Stalkers Radio asked me to share my story of how I started my businesses and what are the biggest things I have learnt.

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What I have learnt as an entrepreneur

Get rid of the excuses so you can fly

It amazes me how many obstacles I put in the way of my own success. You know, things like procrastination, self sabotage, thinking no one wants to hear from me. Does that sound familiar?

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Get rid of the excuses so you can fly

Social Storytelling - Why You Need to Use It

The game has changed. No longer can we push out broadcast sales messages. Over 90% of our audience does not want to hear our marketing. With so much time pressure and with so much content that can be consumed, people are becoming selective with what they are engaging with. They have taken control of how they consume their content. Instead we need to capture their attention by providing content that captures their imagination and entices them to engage... and keep engaging.

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Social Storytelling - Why You Need to Use It

Read what others are saying

Mireille Ryan is an entrepreneur, business coach and social media specialist. Book in now to see how Mireille can help you.

  • "If you would like someone, who is going to keep you accountable, encourage and give that support then I can highly recommend Mireille as a business coach or for any of her programs - a definite investment."
  • "You know how as a business owner you are always frustrated with trying to find more time in your day to produce better results, create action and delegate more? Having Mireille Ryan in your life fixes all that! Yes Mireille is my go to pro that can help me in all areas to get my priorities right!"
  • "Mireille’s genuine, honest and real approach always lifted my spirits, called me into action, and encouraged the belief in me that if she could do it , so could I. I have set up my structure, launched my website, refined my services, and continue to learn how to attract clients and keep them."
  • "Mireille has been an invaluable part of our recent business development. We began a mentoring relationship with Mireille this year which has helped us to formalise and timeline our business goals. Not only is she wonderfully supportive, she is a wealth of knowledge with regards to a wide variety of business and technical supports. We would recommend Mireille to anyone looking to move their business to the next level."
  • "The information she shared with us on her own business, what worked and didn't work, was practical and step by step clearly set out, which I have used already successfully."
  • "I first met Mireille when I attended her ‘Ignite Your Business’ with Social Media workshop in June 2013. It was a day I will never forget, because it was a day that changed the course of my career and my life."

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